Portrait trade with Vasia

02.23.2012 - Personal

I finally got to meet Vasia in person to trade portraits at Steveston. She is one of the most passionate and influential photographer in Vancouver and I’ve been wanting to meet her for a long time! I knew her from her posting about her workshop but unfortunately I didn’t have enough luck to entre (participants were randomly drawn) but I’m really happy to be able to talk to her in person yesterday!

It rained for few days straight before our meeting and I was really worried that our portrait trade would be cancelled cuz of it. Luckily the weather god decided to shine and meeting Vasia had been one of my best experience this year! I love hanging out with wedding photographers driven by love and passion and I have never took pictures with someone so enthusiastic and goofy. Unlike most photographers would focus on the technical details, Vasia focuses her photography by delivering awesome experience and focuses on having the bride and groom (or myself in this case) to feel relaxed and playful.

She moved to Vancouver with her husband Henry four years ago and now have a 2 years old daughter Echo. She told me about her experience and how she started wedding photography and we talked about the workflow and her challenges. I enjoyed listening to her experience and silently judged myself in my head on things I need to improve on.

She told me how she strongly believes in boutique wedding photography and how she would love to focus on teaching in the future to help wedding photographers grow and further influence her surrounding with her passion. In my mind I told myself, she is the type of people that I wish I could learn from when I started photography. I don’t want to learn about the technical stuffs of photography, I don’t want to learn about the rules, I don’t want to learn about the business (well, I do now…but not 4 years ago) what I really wanted to learn and value is the influential passion in wedding photography Vasia posess, and I strongly believe that everything else can be self taught without too much guidance. A lot of people ask me, “How do I take good photos?” My answer is, have enough passion and you’ll get there in no time.

She said that she feels really weird in front of the camera and how she is not photogenic and how she hates her pictures…well! Look at this pictures and tell me that again =P, you look like a super model! If she is not photogenic then I don’t know what I am! I ALWAYS have the same pose…hahaha! Oh…I felt really weird being posed and having a camera sticked in front of my face too…come to think of it…this is the first time ever that anyone has done a portrait session of me! WOW!

We then talked about our common friends like Christine William and Sherry Lu who would be second shooting many weddings for her this year! I’m jealous…she prefers to have female second shooter, so I’m out of the game :(

Reading her blog makes me want to say, “omg i want to get married” and omg I sounded like a girl…anyways =P I wish to be surrounded by people with passion and can love all weddings like they are their own :) and hanging out with her was very enjoyable! Thanks so much for coming out Vasia! If you haven’t met her and is too shy to say, “Hi!” go and message her now :) she is such an awesome person to talk to! Be sure to check out Vasia’s Blog :)

P.S. Oh and, I love Vasia’s little dance and I’m gonna steal it! YEAH! =D